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4-13-14: Steel Challenge Scores Posted!

4-6-14: USPSA Match Scores Posted!

Bay 10 Has Been Signed!

Absolutely no firearms are to be used in Bay 10... ever.

Thank you.

Bay 10 Now Available for Archery Only

Kudos to Bill and Cindy Vickers who did a fabulous job cleaning out Bay 10 for Archery only. No shooting anything other than archery in Bay 10. The reason; it faces north, and due to houses being within bullet range we had to shut down those bays from any gun usage for our insurance to continue to cover us as a club. So that has been designated an archery range only. 

3-22-14: Plinker Plus Match Scores Posted!

3-21-14: Rifle Match Scores Posted!

3-8-14: Steel Challenge Scores Posted!

3-4-14: Bowie County 4-H Practice:

Notice to all TGC members - Bowie County 4-H will be using Pistol Bay 4-H for their rifle practice on Monday's and Thursday's from 3pm till dark until further notice

3-2-14: USPSA Match Scores Posted!

3-1-14: Arkansas Department of Corrections Reservations:

The Arkansas Department of Corrections has reserved portions of the range on 3/11 and 3/13.

  • Rifle Range from 8am - 10am both days.

  • Pistol Bay 1 from 10am - 2pm both days.

3-1-14: TGC is now taking bids on a Range Maintenance Person:

Revisions made, please download the new spec sheet.

Please click on and download this page if you're interested in placing a bid on this position.
Job Description and contact information in PDF format.

The New Meeting Location!

Knights of Columbus Hall on Waterall Street. Please pass the word along about the new location so everyone who wants to attend will be in the right place. Click on the link below to see it larger.

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Texarkana Weather Forecast, TX

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Texarkana Gun Club

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About Texarkana Gun Club

Texarkana Gun Club is an NRA affiliated organization which provides a safe, well maintained facility for members and guests to enjoy the shooting sports. The club offers a groomed 200 yard rifle range with covered and concrete bench rest positions and six pistol bays with a variety of target stands, steel plates and barricades.  We also have lighted bathrooms with running water.  The rifle shack has ceiling fans and electrical outlets available.

Located in the Piney Woods of Texas, the range has several tree shaded areas, a picnic pavilion and restroom facilities. Each of the shooting areas is equipped with a covered area for the comfort of members and guests during hot or inclement weather. Texarkana Gun Club is a private club and invites all who are interested in learning and participating in the shooting sports either individually or in any of our organized matches.

Texarkana Gun Club is used extensively by local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies for training and qualifying their officers. The club offers the facility at no charge to these agencies and invites them to reserve the range for their use. Other organizations utilizing the facility on a charitable basis is the Bowie County 4-H Shooting Team, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other groups with a desire to learn firearm safety and participate in the shooting sports.

Organizational Memberships

National Rifle Association
American Rimfire Association
United States Practical Shooting Association
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